Sam Dumas and Janet Bussell-Eriksson

Your Clear Advantage!

When Sam and Janet met thru a real estate transaction many years ago they realized they had numerous things in common. Over the years they have worked together on different ventures; Sam providing expert advice and insight with regard to market conditions and Janet with her eye for detail and knowledge of construction created added benefits for Sam’s clientele as well as Janet’s.

Sam: “I felt it was time to do something different in my career.” I wanted to expand my business but in a way that no one else has ventured or been able to do. I realized that on almost every project where one of Janet’s firms was involved helping my clients get their home ready for sale or helping them renovate after their purchase the results the clients sought were achieved and in many cases exceeded their expectations.

Janet: "The aspect I felt would round out my career was to obtain my real estate license so that I could be involved in the process of helping people buy and sell their homes." My knowledge of real estate obtained through my design and construction career allows me on a professional level to help sellers and buyers better understand what it takes to design a home; build a home; or renovate a home. My design background and understanding of luxury also gives me an edge to remain current with trends; stay current with what buyers are expecting or hoping to find.

"Luxury is something enjoyed as an addition to the ordinary necessities and comforts of life”
S | J Luxury Real Estate is dedicated to helping you find it.

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